6-Lobe Pin Pan Self Drilling

///6-Lobe Pin Pan Self Drilling
  • 6LPPSD

6-Lobe Pin Pan Self Drilling

▶ Material:stainless steel & carbon steel
▶ Security Level: 
▶ Size: ST2.9-ST6.3 #4-#14
▶ Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS
▶ Length:  4mm-80mm
▶ Packing: Boxs or pallet or customer request

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▶ 6-Lobe Pin also known as: Star drive pin, Pin Torx,Torx-BO or resistorx
▶ 6-Lobe Pin screws with a central pin inside the six-lobe recess preventing removal with standard Torx tools
▶ Pan head gives a raised finish (screw length excludes head height)
▶ Manufactured in A2 stainless steel or carbon steel
▶ Suitable for higher torque applications
▶ Matching security insert bits and L-Keys (Allen Keys) available

Size Driver Size Head Dia Head Height
#4 (2.9) TX10 5.4mm 2.0mm
#6 (3.5) TX15 6.7mm 2.3mm
#8 (4.2) TX20 8.0mm 2.9mm
#10 (4.8) TX25 9.3mm 3.4mm
#12 (5.5) TX27 10.6mm 3.8mm
#14 (6.3) TX30 12.4mm 4.4mm

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