6-Lobe Pin Pan Machine Screw

///6-Lobe Pin Pan Machine Screw
  • 6LPPMS

6-Lobe Pin Pan Machine Screw

▶ Material:stainless steel & carbon steel
▶ Security Level: 
▶ Size: M3-M10
▶ Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS
▶ Packing:Boxs or pallet or customer request

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▶ 6-Lobe Pin also known as: Star drive pin, Pin Torx,Torx-BO or resistorx
▶ 6-Lobe Pin screws with a central pin inside the six-lobe recess preventing removal with standard Torx tools
▶ Pan head gives a raised finish (screw length excludes head height)
▶ Manufactured in A2 stainless steel or carbon steel
▶ Suitable for higher torque applications
▶ Matching security insert bits and L-Keys (Allen Keys) available

Size Driver Size Head Dia Head Height
M3 TX10 5.8mm 2.4mm
M4 TX20 7.8mm 3.0mm
M5 TX25 9.8mm 3.6mm
M6 TX30 11.8mm 4.4mm
M8 TX40 15.8mm 5.8mm
M10 TX45 19.81mm 7.4mm

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